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Aby hořčice nevyschla

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Aby hořčice nevyschla
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Taky máte problém s hořčicí a občas vám vyschne?

Hořčice v kelímku, ani ve skleničce nevyschne, ani se nevytvoří ztvrdlý škraloup, když povrch hořčice jemně posypete solí.

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  1. Gabby 07:05, Čer 28, 2016

    have a box of sharpened pencils available to students because the noise from the electric pencil sharpener is too disruptive. However, I think we think alike in that we prefer teaching respect, reiypnsibilsto, and problem solving over obedience.

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  2. Retta 07:22, Čer 28, 2016

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  3. Malinda 07:32, Čer 28, 2016

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  4. Katherine 09:34, Čer 28, 2016

    That’s really thikning out of the box. Thanks!

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    I wonder how much longer the NYT is going to waste Slim’s bucks on rubbish like this. I could imagine he’s gonna reign them in pretty soon so they can take care of his business, i.e. telling Americans how wonderful the elite in Mex are.If they are anything like the rest of the liberal MSM they would be doing that for free already.

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    • Susy 06:02, Bře 10, 2017

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  16. http://www./ 02:21, Lis 14, 2016

    great article. I have a 4 month old and we are teaching her to sign. I was really touched about the conversation around nursing and teething- that is so powerful to know. Wow. Thank you.

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